About Me

I am a programmer living in Dallas, Texas-- the best city in the best state in the best country on the planet.

I started school in pursuit of a degree in English with the intention of writing novels for a living. Shortly thereafter I discovered that I'm not any good at writing compelling or original stories nor do I really like sitting down and typing out long papers. So I decided to pursue something involving video games; or rather, how to make them.

Making video games boils down to two broad fields: programming and art. The programming courses were extremely interesting and mind expanding. I might even say mind exploding. It's hard to describe the transformation that one's mind undergoes when learning how to write code. It's similar to what one might experience when learning a foreign language; code is a kind of language after all. Having learned to write code I then completed the coursework for 3D art as well. I finished my degree in Arts and Technology (ATEC) at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) just before they began construction of the new ATEC building.

Right before my final semester I started work at my first "real" job at the Center for BrainHealth in downtown Dallas working as a programmer on a cutting edge virtual reality project.

I'm enormously indebted to all of my teachers, my family, and my wife. I dare say that without them I wouldn't have amounted to anything. In no particular order, thanks to:

What I Do

I am currently a programmer at the Center for BrainHealth working in the VR Lab. I started there working on a virtual reality project, but I've also played a key role developing web apps ranging from an HTML5 iPad app to web-based cognition assessment tests to the Center's site itself and C# development building tools for the VR using Visual Studio and WPF.

My Passions